Historically Blackjack is a game that is proven to go back to the French ‘salons’ of the 17th century where the game of ‘Vingt et un’ or 21 was extremely popular for whiling away the hours of leisure that the aristocracy had much of.

The game was quickly adopted as players could learn the rules fast without having a talent for counting or for remembering bearing in mind that most people did not have any formal education and could not read or write much.

The game of Blackjack was taken by French immigrants to the USA after the French Revolution where it spread like wildfire becoming the game of choice in casinos that sprung up all over the place providing entertainment centres at a time where there was little else to do to pass spare time. The first casinos offered massive bonuses to players to come and play at their tables helping to encourage people to learn the game and participate.

However, gambling in casinos attracted a hard line criminal element drawing the attention of the government which eventually made gambling illegal. Nevada was the first state to legalize gambling in the 20th Century creating the city of Las Vegas with all the attractions that it offers today to the general public whether they seek to gamble or they only want to see others gambling.


The Popularity of Blackjack Online Grows

Online gambling that became possible through the evolution of a secure internet which has brought Blackjack to the fore in online venues replicating its dominance in ground based casinos.

Blackjack is offered by all online casinos in many different game variants giving the house a greater edge with the inclusion of up to eight decks of 52 cards and shuffling after every hand to avoid the possibility of card counting. You can check to see how many card decks are being used by the casino that you choose to play at when you go to the list of Blackjack games and choose the one you would like to play.

Blackjack continues to be an extremely popular game with players all over the world and with the development of online casinos that guarantee top level security for players who register with the recommended online casino venues some of which are shown on this web page you too can enjoy the Blackjack challenge.

Online Blackjack is a wonderful way to spend your leisure time as you can sit down at any time that suits you and begin playing against the casino dealer which is in fact a random number generator that usually shuffles the cards after every hand keeping the game totally fair for all participants.


Unbelievably Exciting Live Casino Games

If you decide to engage in a thrilling Blackjack session with the live dealer in the live casino venue that is part of the online casino service you will get the sensation that you are physically present at the table along with your fellow players.

The interactive web cam that connects all the parties is so fantastically up to date that you are immersed into the game through the graphics which bring the casino into your home. You decide what pleases you the most and play Blackjack as you please.

The rules are carefully set out by each casino and the number of decks of cards that are used by that casino is also stated as you have the option of playing with between 1 pack and 8 packs of 52 cards. The more decks are included in the game the greater the advantage for the house, so when you choose your games try to find the ones where less decks are used.


It’s a learning process

Playing Blackjack excellently is open to a long learning process which keeps the game fresh and exciting for the players who love to face a challenge. Blackjack is often under-rated as a simple game that just involves you trying to get cards that amount to a total of 21 or the closest possible. However, the immense popularity of Blackjack since it was introduced in France during the 17th Century arises from the fact that it is not a chance game that cannot be influenced by the player’s ability but in fact a skill game where the player can direct the outcome considerably.

Players need to learn the basic rules of the game, like poker players need rakeback, in order to increase winning chances.

The rules are explained carefully next to the game variant titles and players are encouraged to practice for free in order to become familiar with the software and the features at the Blackjack table. It is a great feeling to ‘hit the ground running’ and to see those wins piling up so soon after your debut at the tables.

Luckily, blackjack is not that hard to learn. A great way to start is to learn the basic strategies. You can download a table, that shows you what to do when you play. As long as you are not under the time pressure of a live game, it should give you a good amount of wins in your early career as a blackjack player. You can find the table here at the leading Danish blackjack-site.

Doubling Down Can be Lucrative

Essentially it is important to exploit all the possibilities offered by the game rules which allow players to ‘double down’ after being dealt the first two cards. After doubling your bet you are normally allowed to be dealt one more card only. Follow your gut feeling as to whether you could win double your bet after looking at the dealer’s ‘upcard’ and deciding that he will go bust. There are times when it looks obvious and these are the glorious moments when you know that you just have to do it!


More than meets the eye

Blackjack is known by many people as simply the game where you try to get to the number 21 before the dealer achieves this value or at least the closest possible figure to that number 21.

However there is a lot more to the Blackjack game than simply making a run for the number 21 in any old way. There are rules about how to go about it and there are very strict rules for the dealer to follow where normally the dealer must ask for more cards, termed as hitting before he gets to the number 17 or must stand when the total number is between 17 and 21 no matter what the value of the cards are shown by all the players involved in the game.

Challenging and Entertaining

There are some distinct Blackjack strategies that players are advised to learn for each kind of game variant as each game has different rules making it more challenging for players seeking something extra from their leisure time.

In the classic Blackjack game the player must decide after drawing two cards whether to hit or to stand, whether to split the hand and play with two separate hands by doubling the bet or to double down if he feels he has an advantage over the dealer.

When a player opts to double down he must double his bet and has the right to have one more card dealt to him.


How do Blackjack tournaments work?

Blackjack is a game that is played against a dealer and not against other players and in a tournament situation this principle continues.

However what is interesting in a tournament is that tournament participants pay a fee to enter a tournament with other players and the sum of the entry fees is paid out to players who have the most chips after several blackjack rounds. Perhaps 6 players receive a portion of the prize funds in addition to all their winnings from the Blackjack games of course.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

What makes tournament play extremely attractive is that you can use your skills to beat other players by having more chips than other players by the end of the tournament. It is possible that a pretty big percentage of online Blackjack tournament players are not very skilled and lose against the dealer consistently giving the more skilled players the edge over those unskilled players in the tournament environment. With this in mind it is advisable to learn the basic Blackjack strategy that can help you to be a regular winner at the Blackjack tables.

A typical Blackjack tournament scenario is to have several tables with about 6 players on each table playing several short rounds of approximately 20 hands in each round. An elimination format is usually the rule where 2 players go forward to the next round until a final table is put together where all the finalists receive a share of the prize funds according to the size of the bankroll existing at that point or the number of chips each player holds.

A typical Blackjack tournament will consist of around 6 rounds and every time that the cards are dealt to players at a tournament table by the dealer in a new hand a button is moved to another player who will be dealt to first. The button moves in a consecutive order so that all players experience the disadvantage of being the first to get cards and having to bet and act early on in the hand. The most reputable online casinos offer thrilling and highly lucrative Blackjack tournaments, where the fun is truly amazing.


Blackjack in the Live Casinos

Blackjack is the most sought after casino game on the planet, and it is no wonder that it is a top hit in the online casinos where players can enjoy the game in its classic form and in several very interesting variants at any time of the day or night.

The online gaming revolution has been a lot more exciting for dealing with insomnia than sleeping pills and it brings people safe, thrilling entertainment to the warmth and comfort of their own homes along with potentially massive pecuniary rewards.

Live Casino Comes to Your Living Room

The introduction of live casino venues within the boundaries of online casinos has made a huge change in the way online casino gambling is seen. You now have interaction with gorgeously attractive live dealers, both men and women who have been trained to be perfectly professional in their chosen gaming domain. Blackjack dealers are now waiting at the end of an interactive web cam for customers to log on live and to engage in a superbly engaging live casino session. The chat box on the screen is there for the player to give written instructions on what the dealer should do, whether it is hit, stand, double or split.

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The rules are carefully set out next to the game title and the technical features at the online tables are carefully explained so that players can overcome their hesitancy about online gambling very quickly. The most interesting thing that new players should note is that the best casino venues on the internet offer customers free play sessions at the tables so that customers can become familiar with the technical aspects of playing on a computer and mobile device.