Everybody Can Play Poker at PokerStars

PokerStars has made its card room available to download for people who own a PC or a MAC making it possible for players from all over the world to share and enjoy the fabulous ring games and tournaments offered at PokerStars. By 2012 it is said that PokerStars had reached the 50 million mark for the number of people who had registered online at the card room since it was launched in the year 2000.

Never a Dull Moment at PokerStars

A tournament of some description begins every second of the day at PokerStars and the action never slows down as people from all over the globe in different time zones are grinding away with fervor as other players sleep. Even if you have never played poker and have no idea what it is about you can log on to the home page and click on the ‘School’ tab where you will discover a comprehensive centre for learning with all there is to know about poker presented in a user friendly format.

The school is divided into different levels and you can see clearly how you can progress after participating in a free quiz to determine how much you know. Even players who think they are very good players have a lot to learn at the poker school and will enjoy honing their skills and making a lot more cash at the tables as a direct result of taking onboard the professional tips and great advice that cost absolutely nothing. Register a new account today at PokerStars using our link below and remember to include the bonuscode PSP5957 to be sure of getting a welcome bonus that can amount to as much as $600.

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Watch Amazing Poker Tournaments at PokerStars

You don’t have to wait for a major televised poker tournament to enjoy the thrilling game of poker as a spectator. At PokerStars, the registered members that make up this enormous international community can watch major events unfolding online and they have unlimited free access to the archives where they can watch the stars in action in past tournaments.

The professional poker players who make up the PokerStars Team are just some of the players who you can watch in intense showdowns where you can learn a great deal about high level poker yourself. PokerStars has famous celebrities such as Chris Moneymaker, Daniel Negreanu and Liv Boeree playing on the renowned PokerStars team giving a lot of character and charm to this popular game.

It’s a Poker Wonderland Down the Rabbit Cam

The inclusion of a Rabbit cam or Hole cam that shows the cards held by each players exclusively to the spectators is a fantastic piece of kit that has made observing poker games a totally enthralling experience. You can follow the player and decide what you would do in the given situation even before the player makes the move. The Hole cam was introduced by Channel 4 television in the UK for the first time in 1999 when ‘Late Night Poker’ first began to be televised and of course the audiences were truly excited as a result, as they could actually feel involved and understand exactly what was going on. The Hole cam was used in 2002 to televise the World Series of Poker and it is now a regular feature in online and live tourneys. Register a new account today at PokerStars using our link below and the bonus code PSP5957 to get your generous welcome bonus of up to $600.

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Watch High Stakes Heads Up Games Running at PokerStars

Every poker player just has to enjoy watching the big stakes players and the pros playing Heads Up in a highly charged atmosphere of hair raising anticipation. There just don’t seem to be enough of these amazing tournaments online and whilst the archives at PokerStars are brimming g over with videos of tournaments that have long passed it’s quite another experience to watch the action in real time.

PokerStars has now decided to remedy the problem and has launched a fantastic new promotion where you can watch Heads Up high stakes ‘Limit Hold’em’ games exclusively online at PokerStars. The challengers will be world famous pros and invited high stakes players who have performed marvelously at PokerStars. The pro Team at PokerStars keeps an eye on the online poker activity and is very excited when a great new talent is identified, making sure that all members of the PokerStars community are given every opportunity to excel and become a star.

Watch with Friends and Learn the Moves

The Heads Up games are available to watch exclusively on PokerStars with the time and date posted well ahead of the game so you can reserve time and get comfortable with no disturbances, or share the evening with friends analyzing each hand along the way. Watching the way the pros play is a fantastic learning experience that should never be underestimated and if you want to expand your poker knowledge or learn from scratch some of the most amazing and diverse variants of poker, go to the poker tutorials given by the pros on PokerStars for free. You can polish up your skills and add on with all the fantastic tips that the pros have learned over time with a lot of grind and sleeplessness. Register a new account now at PokerStars through our link below together with the marketing code, PSP5957 to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $600.PokerStars-->> Join here


Fabulous New Arcade Style Game Now at Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes Poker is a very innovative card room and already offers poker players the possibility of playing on some exciting casino games directly from the poker lobby. It has now added the first arcade style game released by Microgaming giving players a brand new type of gaming experience which is totally out of this world.

Save The Earth From Alien Attack With Max Damage!

The new game is called ‘Max Damage and the Alien Attack’ and doesn’t have a reel or payline in sight but gives players the potential of winning up to $220,000 by climbing through 9 levels wiping out aliens from the spaceship that the player is in charge of. Players who manage to rise through the levels are given all sorts of additional weapons to help them to ward off the more vicious alien attacks making the challenge even more thrilling. Max Damage is the hero of the game and is a lively character with plenty of bravado and courage, fighting to save the earth and giving players a fabulous gaming experience reminiscent of arcade games of the 1980’s but with all the fabulous technology of 2012 artfully incorporated into it by the visionary games designers at Microgaming.

The game makes for a fabulous diversion from the poker tables whilst waiting for a tournament to start or to relax after a tough ring game. It promises to give players an unbeatable gaming experience that is absolutely outstanding and has the potential of boosting your bankroll very significantly to say the least! Register an account today at Ladbrokes poker and use our link with the bonuscode RIDERS to be sure to get your welcome bonus of up to €1,000.

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It Is All Go At PokerStars

pokerstars-online-pokerPokerStars has been a monumental success as a ‘poker only’ business with over 50 million players signing up to the card room since it was launched in 2001. There is certainly no limit to what PokerStars can still achieve and it continues to attract players from all over the world at a very rapid rate with outstanding offers and superb quality card tables. Everybody can see the marvelous promotions just by logging on to the home page and you can register an account through our link below and get straight into the action from the word ‘Go’. Every new player is welcomed with a match deposit bonus of up to $600 and the way to convert the bonus to hard cash is clearly explained within the promotional section under terms and conditions.

Everybody Is Special at PokerStars

Every player at PokerStars earns VIP player points or VPPs as they are referred to and these are essential in the process of converting your bonus to cash incrementally in the set time period of 60 days. These points can only be earned by playing in real money poker games and tournaments with the amount of money contributed in rake for each hand and the amount of fee to buy in to a tournament determining the number of points that are awarded to each player. It takes just 200 VPPs to convert $10 of bonus money to hard cash and with two months to convert the whole of the bonus that you get into hard cash it is a really easy task. Set up a new account now by clicking on our direct link below and see the way that PokerStars works for yourself. Include the bonuscode PSP5957 to get your welcome bonus of up to $600 matching the total of the first three deposits that you make to your account.

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Superb Poker Tournaments offered By Betfred Poker

Betfred Poker hosts a huge array of poker tournaments which are designed to fit around the loyalty plan which was launched in early 2012. The tournaments are carefully structured according to the level of proficiency required by the player and are meant to advance each players individual poker career at Betfred Poker. The concept of the poker career is totally original and unique to Betfred Poker which is renowned for its superb promotions and ingenuity in all the products offered on its gaming and sports betting platform. Betfred.com has a massive following online with customers located all over the world enjoying the marvelous online entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.

New customers who make their initial deposits at Betfred Poker not only receive a match deposit bonus of up to $400 but are invited to take part in the ‘New Depositors freeroll’ tournament which is held every Sunday at 19.30 UK time and has a guaranteed £250 prizepool. New customers get 3 tokens to participate meaning that they have 3 shots at getting a tidy bankroll booster right at the beginning of their careers at Betfred Poker.

Fantastic Opportunities to Boost that Bankroll

The big number of ‘Daily Bankroll Boosters’ is also a great touch and can be entered only using Value Points earned by playing in any type of cash game and tournament requiring real money wagers. Players earn Career Points as well as Value points based on the amount of rake you contribute at cash ring games and in the amount of buy in fee that you paid to get a seat at a tournament. Register a new account today at Betfred Poker using our link below and you will be sure to get your welcome bonus starting on your poker career path with style.

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