Play Heads Up at PokerStars in the Superstar Showdown

There are many very talented poker players around the world who have never really tested their skills in a very highly pressured environment. Some players perform brilliantly under extreme pressure tapping into an inner strength that gives them clarity and focus where others panic and lose the thread of the game. PokerStars is always scouting around for new talent and it has made big stars of regular customers who have come forward often qualifying in satellites for a few dollars to win incredibly lucrative tournaments which run constantly at PokerStars.

If You Have the Skill then Step up To the Plate

In a brilliant and innovative promotion “Superstar Showdown” at PokerStars, players who feel they want to play heads up against one of the best and most renowned professional PokerStars online players in the world, Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom can write to the challenge team at PokerStars and request a showdown. Challengers must have the necessary bank roll to play in a high stakes game that promises to be seriously thrilling and extremely strenuous at the best of times. The match is played in just one session of 2,500 hands across 4 tables of Pot Limit Texas Hold’Em as well as Pot Limit Omaha and the stakes are around $50 to $100 at least, so be prepared to win or lose a lot of money.

Become the New Poker Star on a World Stage

Undoubtedly there are players who can take on the poker genius Viktor Blom just as he was able to come from nothing and become a living legend at such a young age. The internet has allowed talented players to come forward with ease and prove themselves without breaking the bank but a face to face challenge with such a brilliant poker player is a fabulous opportunity to get your name in the limelight and change the course of your life! Register a new account today at Pokerstars using our link below and the exclusive bonuscode PSP5957 so that you are sure to get your match deposit bonus of up to $600 and you can start building your bankroll to challenge Victor Blum sooner than you thought possible.

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