Position yourself correctly at the poker table

You must remember to make sure to place yourself in the most strategically suitable seat at the poker table relative to your poker playing abilities. Make sure you have position on the most talented players at the poker table by keeping them on your right hand side.

Select your seat

You see it happen too often that poker players, especially new ones just sit down at the first available seat at a poker table. Without giving it any thought other than wanting to play some poker. Whether you are playing online poker or live poker it matters a great deal as to where you sit at the poker table. It’s extremely important that you sit in a seat at the poker table where you can get the most out of your good hands and lose as little as possible from your bad hands. If you don’t sit in the correct position at the poker table it may mean that you come across too many difficult situations where you have to take very hard decisions.

As a result you could tilt and lose your temper and lose a lot of money unnecessarily. Anger makes you lose concentration and oversight and often it leads you to making incorrect and costly decisions. Your seating position is also crucial to you being able to exploit your position properly to maximize your winnings. You could end up losing too much money because you are either played out or can’t lure  enough money out of the players with a strong hand.

Clockwise direction

A skilled poker player can quickly sense who’s good and who’s bad at poker around the table and once he gets wind of that he can use it to his advantage. Sitting in the correct strategic position you can very quickly exploit the situation to your advantage. Remember that the game goes in a clockwise direction so it will always be the player who sits to the right of you who will act before you. In poker it is important to collect as much information about the previous player before it’s your turn to act. Therefore it is imperative that you sit to the left of a strong player to avoid being exploited.

When playing online poker, it’s easy to change seats as soon as there is a vacancy or one can observe a table before you sit at it. So from now on choose your seat at the poker table with care or you will feel it in your pocket.

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