Watch High Stakes Heads Up Games Running at PokerStars

Every poker player just has to enjoy watching the big stakes players and the pros playing Heads Up in a highly charged atmosphere of hair raising anticipation. There just don’t seem to be enough of these amazing tournaments online and whilst the archives at PokerStars are brimming g over with videos of tournaments that have long passed it’s quite another experience to watch the action in real time.

PokerStars has now decided to remedy the problem and has launched a fantastic new promotion where you can watch Heads Up high stakes ‘Limit Hold’em’ games exclusively online at PokerStars. The challengers will be world famous pros and invited high stakes players who have performed marvelously at PokerStars. The pro Team at PokerStars keeps an eye on the online poker activity and is very excited when a great new talent is identified, making sure that all members of the PokerStars community are given every opportunity to excel and become a star.

Watch with Friends and Learn the Moves

The Heads Up games are available to watch exclusively on PokerStars with the time and date posted well ahead of the game so you can reserve time and get comfortable with no disturbances, or share the evening with friends analyzing each hand along the way. Watching the way the pros play is a fantastic learning experience that should never be underestimated and if you want to expand your poker knowledge or learn from scratch some of the most amazing and diverse variants of poker, go to the poker tutorials given by the pros on PokerStars for free. You can polish up your skills and add on with all the fantastic tips that the pros have learned over time with a lot of grind and sleeplessness. Register a new account now at PokerStars through our link below together with the marketing code, PSP5957 to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $600.PokerStars-->> Join here


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